Influence of contact pressure and moisture on the signal quality of a newly developed textile ECG sensor shirt

Kim, Saim; Leonhardt, Steffen; Zimmermann, Nadine; Kranen, Philipp; Kensche, David; Müller, Emmanuel Alexander; Quix, Christoph

Piscataway, NJ / IEEE (2008) [Buchbeitrag, Beitrag zu einem Tagungsband]

2008 5th International Summer School and Symposium on Medical Devices and Innovative healthcare technologies: from biosensing to medical imaging : Biosensors ; [ISSS-MDBS 2008] ; Hong Kong, China, 1- 3 June 2008 ; [in conjunction with the 5th International Workshop on Wearable Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN 2008)] / IEEE
Seite(n): 256-259