PM4Py: State-of-the-art-process mining in Python

PM4Py: State-of-the-art-process mining in Python © pads

Check out the latest release of PM4Py which is designed to be used in both academia and industry. PM4Py is the leading open-source process-mining platform written in Python, implementing process discovery, conformance checking, and more advanced process-mining techniques.


State-of-the-art-process mining in Python

As the website explains:

  • PM4Py supports importing and exporting of several standard file formats used in process mining. You can import/export files containing event data, as well as different process modeling formalisms.
  • PM4Py implements several process discovery algorithms, i.e., algorithms that automatically discover a process model from an event log. These include the Directly Follows Graph miner, the Alpha Miner, the Inductive Miner, and the Heuristics Miner.
  • PM4Py allows you to check the conformance of an event log with respect to a given reference model. Currently, PM4Py implements two algorithms to compute conformance checking statistics: Token-based Replay and Alignments.

PM4Py is lightning fast and can be embedded in all kinds of environments.