ICT Young Researcher Awards for PADS Members


The ICT Young Researcher Award 2023 of Profile Areas of RWTH Aachen University was granted in the categories of B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. for scientific motivation and efforts in the Profile Area of Information and Communication Technology.


We're excited to share the success of our PADS members at the RWTH Aachen ICT Awards 2023. Last year, Mahsa Pourbafrani set the stage for excellence, and this year, Majid Rafiei and Lukas Liss continued the winning streak. Majid Rafiei won in the Ph.D. category, showcasing PADS's commitment to cutting-edge research. Lukas Liss secured victories in the bachelor and master categories, highlighting the group's diverse talent.

Majid's work covers different aspects of privacy-related issues in process mining ranging from risk and utility quantification to proposing solutions for complex scenarios such as distributed event data and continuous data publishing. Majid was also engaged in other important projects such as the Process Mining over SAP Data project, the AI Study Buddy project, and the Machine Learning for Process Mining project.

Lukas was working on object-centric alignments during his master’s thesis. The developed technique finds deviations between a normative process behavior and real-world behavior recorded in information systems. It works on complex processes that consist of multiple sub-processes which operate on a variety of interacting objects. During his studies, he also published papers about AR and enterprise architecture research.

Congratulations to Majid Rafiei, Lukas Liss, and the entire PADS team for these well-deserved awards. Your success inspires us all and propels PADS as a force in Process and Data Science.