Data-Driven Approaches to Sustainability & Resilience



István Koren

Scientific Assistant


+49 241 80-21917



Organisational Information

  • Coordinator: Dr. rer. nat. István Koren
  • The registration is carried out via the central registration process on the web site SUPRA maintained by the Computer Science Department.
  • This seminar is held in English (all written reports and presentations will be in English).

Important Dates

Kick-off Meeting: April 11th, 2022, 2 PM

Location: PADS Seminar Room (Informatikzentrum room 2010)

Kick-off meeting

All deadlines for submission of outline, term paper, presentation slides will be announced in the kick-off meeting. Presentations will take place on probably two or three days and this will also be announced in the kick-off meeting.

Seminar Details

"Data-Driven Approaches to Sustainability & Resilience" focuses on using data and analytics to understand and address sustainability and resilience challenges. Sustainability refers to the ability of systems, such as communities, economies, and ecosystems, to thrive and endure over time. Resilience refers to the ability of systems to withstand and recover from disruptions or shocks, such as natural disasters or economic downturns. This seminar analyzes current algorithms, methods and techniques in this realm. For instance, we are interested in the application of process mining techniques for sustainability.

Recommended prior knowledge:

Basic knowledge of Computer Science and good, solid mathematical background needed (e.g. set theory, logic, automata etc.). Knowledge in data science, process mining, e.g. lecture Introduction to Data Science (IDS) required (please write about this in your application).