Gartner Publishes Market Guide


Gartner Publishes Market Guide for Process Mining


On April 3rd 2018 Gartner research published the first Market Guide for Process Mining. Of the over 25 process mining vendors the following ones participated: Celonis, Cognitive Technology, Fluxicon, Icaro Tech, Kofax, Lana Labs, Minit, Process Analytics Factory, ProcessGold, Puzzle Data, QPR, Signavio, Software AG, and StereoLOGIC (next to the ProM open source community). In 2017, Gartner's process mining market estimate for new product license and maintenance revenue was $120 million. The marker may easily triple or quadruple in size in the next two years. These estimates do not include consulting and services. Since there exists a large follow-on market for consulting and services in implementing and using process mining, the actual market is much larger.

The market guide also include an interview with Wil van der Aalst who states "Process mining is much more than process discovery, and both vendors and users started to realize this. It is great to see that several vendors finally implemented conformance checking capabilities. This is very important for auditing and compliance analysis. I also see a trend toward predictive process mining. It is not enough to diagnose problems; tools should also be able to predict delays and deviations before they happen. Combining process mining with other machine learning techniques is very well possible, and I expect that soon more vendors will start to support this. One of the challenges I see is that for advanced forms of process mining (e.g., conformance checking and prediction) process models need to have semantics. Some vendors solve this by using two types of models (formal and informal) depending on the use case. In the long run, this is not a viable solution; we need tools that support hybrid process models that are precise when needed and informal if not (to avoid adding complexity). There are process mining techniques supporting such hybrid process models, but these still need to be adopted by commercial vendors."