Process mining scholarships sponsored by the Deloitte Foundation


The Process and Data Science (PADS) group is one of the groups offering scholarships sponsored by the Deloitte Foundation If you are an RWTH student, like the PADS courses, and are also interested in applications of process mining in industry, please apply for these scholarships.


The attachment (pdf download below) provides more details (in German). Of course, also non-German speaking candidates can apply. What is more important is that you are a good student (i.e., active and good grades), experienced in process mining, and eager to contribute to workshops and other activities. The scholarship is 200 euro per month for 1 or 2 years.

The scholarship does not imply specific tasks and is independent in Deloitte itself. However, please note that Deloitte has a larger process mining competence center. It is expected that you are eager to participate in collaborative activities. This will prepare you for a possible Master project and jumpstart your career in process mining. Ideally, you are at the end of your Bachelor or at the beginning of your Master (but there is some flexibility).

Please use the pointers indicated in the pdf file and the link on to get more details. (Direct link) The deadline is July 4th, 2021 (but it is better apply well before the deadline).