Machine Learning applications in Process Mining


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Language: The language of the course is English; therefore, all meetings and the written reports will be in English.


The field of Process Mining concerns the analysis of event data in the form of event logs; namely, databases containing the execution data of a process detailing events that occurred, linking them to specific cases (specific instantiations of a process), and related attributes. The case identifier attribute and the timestamp of events define the structure of process execution data: a sequence of activities performed in a specific order, called a trace. Applying traditional data science tasks like prediction, classification, and clustering would also reveal precious insights into processes. Traces, however, are not easily representable in a tabular format, thus the development of process-focused data analysis techniques is needed. This seminar illustrates different methods and techniques to train learning algorithms from the execution logs of a process, effectively linking the topics of Process Mining and Machine Learning.


Prior knowledge of the fields of Process Mining and Machine Learning is required. Ideal prerequisite include:

- Participation in the Introduction to Data Science (IDS) course

- Participation in the Business Process Intelligence (BPI) course

- Participation in the "Process Mining: Data Science in Action" MOOC on Coursera

- Having read the book "Process Mining: Data Science in Action" by Wil van der Aalst

This teaching will be held in English.


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