Joint Master Thesis RWTH PADS / ProcessGold (Eindhoven; The Netherlands): Proposed and Open Topics


Dr. ir. Sebastiaan J. van Zelst


Sebastiaan J. van Zelst

Scientific Assistant - Fraunhofer FIT


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Process Mining

Processes in business are becoming more and more complex, and harder to control, due to growing legislation, stronger global competition and increased automation. At the same time, these processes need to be effective and efficient, they need to result in the product or service demanded by customers (quality) and their execution needs to comply with rules imposed by government and the business itself.

To get and stay in control, enterprises need to make good use of the digital data that is recorded about business events while the processes are executed. Process Mining represents a vast and growing body of data-driven analysis techniques that take digital event data and turn this into actionable insight for continuously adapting and improving processes. To serve organizations and users, process mining needs to be complemented with other technologies from computer science, artificial intelligence, data science and business intelligence.


In the past decade, several commercial vendors have started to deliver process mining products for enterprises: process mining is among the fastest growing software markets in the world. ProcessGold is a company that stands out in this global process mining market. Customers such as EY, Porsche, KPN and Aegon have implemented the ProcessGold platform to continuously analyze and monitor their processes.

The ProcessGold platform combines process mining, visual data analytics, and artificial intelligence in order to create dynamic, visual applications for process stakeholders. This requires strong R&D at ProcessGold, which has a long-standing foundation through cooperation with prominent R&D centers ever since 2005.

Masters projects

In this context we continuously offer five master graduation positions and internships on a wide variety of topics. In a project, the student/intern works out the problem definition in collaboration with ProcessGold and the university supervisor, comes up with a conceptual solution, and, where applicable, implements the solution in a proof-of-concept, often as part of the ProcessGold platform to profit from available basic technologies.

This is a unique opportunity to work on real-world problems, get direct exposure to industry, and, to get international working experience in a multi-national team. Potential reward may also be that results become part of production software, lead to academic publications and even to new IP (patent).

With a decade of experience, our conviction is that topics that are closest to your interest lead to the best results. Topics for your project are discussed based on Proposed Topics on our roadmap, or they may arise from your interest as Open Topics. In all case, we look for a real match between the topic, your interest and our roadmap.

Proposed Topics are for instance: Process prediction (visualization), root-cause analysis, visual clustering, process improvement recommender systems, multi-instance processes, improving performance of data transformation, end user business logic specification.

Open Topics is a call for most talented, high-profile, strongly motivated students that bring in topics of their own. We challenge you to surprise us with a great idea, and if you convince us, we give you the opportunity to work on this in your M.Sc. project, in cooperation with our researchers, engineers and fellow-students/interns.

The project


Strong background in technical computer science, good programming skills (R/Python/C++/Typescript). A strong interest in theoretical and practical aspects of process mining. For Open Topics, we look for students that have a track record that demonstrates exceptional talent.


Academic Supervisor Wil van der Aalst

Daily Supervision

Sebastiaan van Zelst

Company Supervision

Dr. Roeland Scheepens, Dr. Erik-Jan van der Linden


The project is executed at the PADS chair and at the ProcessGold office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Projects with a strong customer/business orientation may also be executed at the Frankfurt offices of ProcessGold.


ProcessGold contributes € 400 per month to costs incurred by students. RWTH University does not provide additional financial support for M.Sc. students. It is the student’s responsibility, in consultation with the company or by means of obtaining a scholarship, to cover the full envisioned expenses.

More Information/Application

Send an e-mail to . Make sure to include detailed information about your background and grades for completed courses.