Proseminar on Process and Data Science


General Information

Language: The language of the course is English; therefore, all meetings and written reports will be in English.

Course Description

In this proseminar, we focus on general topics covering data science, process science, and process mining. Data science is a field that covers a wide range of data-driven techniques from big data and predictive analytics to specific algorithms trying to provide insights based on different types of data such as specific data mining algorithms. Process science is a field that mainly focuses on process-driven techniques and business process management (BPM). Process mining is a field that bridges data science to process science. This relatively new discipline employs data to provide process-oriented insights.

Proseminar Details

The learning objective of this proseminar is two-fold: (1) familiarity with the topics that are currently hot topics growing rapidly in computer science, and (2) train the students to improve their critical thinking through understanding research methodology. Each participant is supposed to select a topic, suggest a scientific paper, and provide a report that describes and criticizes the selected paper. In addition, each student will give an oral presentation to practice the skills and techniques required to present scientific findings.


The registration is carried out via the central registration process on the website SUPRA maintained by the Computer Science Department.


Basic computer science skills and knowledge.