Master Thesis - Lead Time Analysis in Inventory Management



M. Seran Uysal

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


+49 241 80 21904




Lead times play a crucial role in Supply Chain as they are a key ingredient for Supply Chain Planning and the calculator of a lot of MRP parameters such as safety stock & reorder points. With Process Mining we have a technology that is optimal for measuring lead times on a large scale. Nevertheless, there are a few challenges that occur when doing a lead time analysis:

  • Measured actual lead times are dependent on various input variables
  • In some cases, we only have limited data as certain materials are only ordered a few times

Using the data at hand to calculate the actual true lead time (or the best guess) based on this sample size is essentially the scope of this work. The outcomes of the thesis could be:

  • Analysis of input variables and their impact on observed lead times
  • Statistical approach to remove the impact of known inputs
  • Approach to deal with small samples sizes
  • Algorithms that calculate true lead times based on real-world data sets


  • Mathematical skills to formalize the theoretical approach
  • Relevant experience in statistics to
    • perform a correlation analysis or multi-linear regressions
    • deal with small sample sizes (n = 1-100)
  • Programming / scripting languages
    • SQL
    • Python
    • Celonis PQL is a plus


Supervisor Wil van der Aalst

Daily advisor(s)

Peter Budweiser, Principal Product Manager Supply Chain Solution, Celonis SE


This a joint thesis project with Celonis. Do not approach people in Celonis directly, without first discussing this with Dr. Seran Uysal () and/or prof. Wil van der Aalst (). It is NOT allowed to organize your own thesis project in a company! We only do joint thesis projects with companies we already work with (e.g., Celonis). The project needs to be defined in the context of this collaboration to ensure good supervision and avoid later confusion.

Since external assignments are particularly challenging, we will only allow good students to do this. Concurrently meeting the expectations of Celonis and ensuring a good academic level will be demanding. Hence, we only consider students with an average of 2.0 or better for such assignments.

If you are interested, make sure to include detailed information about your background (including a detailed CV), scores for completed courses, and your motivation to do this project. After an initial screening from the RWTH side, we will connect you to the person responsible on the Celonis side.