Bachelor Thesis - Finding and Analyzing Public Event Data for Process Mining



M. Seran Uysal

Scientific Assistant


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Recent breakthroughs in process mining research make it possible to discover, analyze, and improve business processes based on event data. More and more events are recorded by a wide variety of systems ranging from embedded systems to enterprise information systems. Various publically available data sets are available. See the data sets listed on the following websites:

AWS Public Datasets

KDnuggets - Datasets for Data Mining and Data Science

Note all data sets are suitable for process mining. There should be a notion of cases (process instances), a notion of events, and events should be ordered per case. The requirements for event logs are described in the XES standard IEEE 1849-2016 XES Standard

Core idea: Identify publically available data sets that can be converted to XES and analyzed in a meaningful manner.

Start by making a shortlist of 25+ publically available data sets that can be converted to XES (and that are interesting). Classify these data sets using a comprehensive set of criteria and select the most interesting ones. Perform a detailed analysis of the data sets using ProM.


Taken to MOOC Process Mining: Data science in Action or the Business process Intelligence Course.



Dr.-Ing. M. Seran Uysal

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