Abgeschlossene Abschlussarbeiten 2022




Xuan Zhang


A Practical Application of Predictive Process Monitoring in Cloud Computation at (( Company Disclosed ))

Emanuel Domnitsch Master

Trace Ordering Strategy for Incremental Process Discovery

Julian Walter-Nußberger Master Operationalization of Predictive Process Monitoring for Aircraft MRO
Jonas Tai Bachelor Event Label Refinement by Applying Community Detection to Event Similarity Graphs
Julian Weber Master Interactive Extractor from SAP ERP
Ahmed ElDesouki Master Customer Journey and Win Back using Object-Centric Process Mining to Better Understand it from Multiple Viewpoints and Further Promoting Better Offers to Retain Customers
Firas Gharbi Master Coarse-Grained Process Diagnostics: A Method Combining Process Mining and Time Series Analysis
Aaron Kusters Bachelor Object-Centric Process Mining on Event Data Extracted from SAP ERP Systems
Yasmin ElSawy Master Actionable recommendations to enhance the win-back process model using machine learning and data analysis applied on customer history, demographics and behavior during process
Julian Kofferath Bachelor Applying Object-Centric Process Mining to a Real Business Process: Inventory in SAP ERP Systems
Tian Li Master Efficient State-Space Traversal in Alignment Computation
Louis Herrmann Bachelor Object-Centric Process Mining using Celonis
Johannes Herforth Master A Generic Approach Towards Feature Extraction from Object-Centric Event Logs
Fredrik Wangelik Master Differentially Private Trace Variant Selection for Process Mining
Martin Vichev Bachelor Implementation of the object-centric process cube in Kubernetes
Christian Rennert Master Improving the eST-Miner Models using Non-Unique Transition Labels
Christian Kohlschmidt Master Detecting Surprising Instances in a Process