Completed Theses 2021


Study Course


Yosra Ibn Elfekih


Assignation of Roles to Individuals/Event Logs: A Graph-Based Approach

Heisenberger, Philipp Alexander Bachelor A Qualitative Evaluation of End-to-End Process Optimization using Commercial Process Mining Tools
Moritz Langenberg Bachelor Refining Event Labels using Community Detection, Semi-Greedy Mapping Search and Case Folding
David Benedikt Georgi Master Text-Aware Predictive Monitoring of Business Processes with LSTM Neural Networks
Viki Peeva Master

Discovery of Local Process Models by Combining Places

Shuai Jiao Bachelor Automatic Discrete Event Simulation in Process Mining
Janik-Vasily Benzin Master Context-aware detection of deviations in process executions
Eike Erdmann Master iGED Miner: Discovering Process Trees using Graph Edit Distance
Le Hieu Bachelor

Streaming Conformance Checking with Log Skeleton in Python

Shreya Kar Master Predict state of newly arriving process instance (case)
Anand Kumaraguru Master A Framework for Unsupervised Event Abstraction using Hidden Markov Models
Minh Nghia Phan Bachelor GPU-enabled Process Mining: a general overview
Harry Herbert Beyel Master Data-Driven Analysis of Industrial Printers’ Error-Handling Processes
Sezin Maden Master Applying Process Mining on Highly Concurrent Processes with Continuous Data Footprints
Daniel Tacke genannt Unterberg Master Iterative Improvement of Simulation Models Focussing on Time and Resources
Sara Pashah Master An Evaluation of Task Mining for Process Improvement - Developing and Analyzing an Approach for the Implementation of Task Mining for Enterprise-Level Service Processes in a Global Company
Jan Wieczorek Bachelor Automated Process Model Extraction from Business Process Descriptions in Natural Language