Implementation of the object-centric process cube in Kubernetes


Student: Martin Vichev

Title: Implementation of the object-centric process cube in Kubernetes

Supervisor: Anahita Farhang

1st Examiner: Prof. Wil M.P. van der Aalst

2nd Examiner: Prof. Martina Ziefle

The application of process mining techniques to real-life information systems is often challenging. Considering a Purchase to Pay (P2P) process, several case notions such as order and item are involved, which interact with each other. Currently, the topic of object-centric process mining is one of the main research areas in process mining, since it provides a more flexible framework for representing real-life events. While a publicly available standard for Object-Centric Event Logs (OCEL) has already been published, none of the commercial process mining tools has adopted it or implemented it in any way that is available in Kubernetes. Some tools have shown as a proof of concept, that the OCEL standard is scalable, even for many objects and events, but only as a local tool. Therefore, in this thesis, we have developed a web-based object-centric process cube tool, by allowing for process cube operations, filtering, visualizations of OCELs and also included frequent itemset and association rule mining. Furthermore, the tool is dockrized and prepared to work with Kubernetes to allow for scaling for many users.