ProM 6.0



Tobias Brockhoff

PhD Student


+49 241 80 21910



ProM 6.x is the leading academic process mining software. It provides a vast set of process mining along with a graphical interface that users can use to perform process mining analysis.

The development of ProM 6.0 is coordinated by the TUE/NL university (official mantainer: Eric Verbeek). However, at Process and Data Science group we use ProM for our analysis and we are able to develop and showcase ProM plug-ins.

We are also supporting students in using the platform by means of producing documentation about the usage of ProM in the research.


1) Executing ProM in Eclipse without opening the interface

2) Executing ProM without Eclipse and the interface (requires reading 1) also )

3) Documentation about the architecture of ProM

4) Execution of alignments without the interface (requires reading 1) and 2) )

5) Running ProM with Java 8 and Idea

6) ProM Development Overview (Verbeek)

7) ProM Architecture Overview

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