PADS Mist computing – Multiplying low-power process control in microcontrollers and embedded systems

Low-Power Computations © pads

The Process and Data Science group is involved in several IoP/IoT projects and provides access to some low-power hardware, and the related tool support, for power efficient computations. Contact us if you want to perform process / data mining on any kind of microcontroller.

Use Cases:

  • Wearable devices
  • Microcontrollers for process control (automotive, IoP)
  • Smart houses


Champions of performance – even at low power

Our team has expertise in deploying high performance software solutions in single / distributed computations. Use our expertise to scale in the little.

Verifying process models – Our daily bread

The Process and Data Science group is one of the leading groups in the field of Process Mining. Use our expertise to deploy sound and useful models in your embedded hardware.

Go from Fog .. To Mist

Collect and process data in a proper way in your IoT project, to exploit the greater computation speed of a proper computer.


Mist Computing

MicroPM4Py - Process Mining on Microcontrollers