HPC Cluster


PADS HPC cluster – Your friend for the most intensive computations

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The Process and Data Science group provides access to an HPC cluster that can be used (after request and approval) for intensive computations. With the help of the most advanced softwares, the adaptability of the hardware configuration, and the consultancy of the PADS experts, no task is a fear, be them process mining related or not.

Use Cases:

  • Distributed computations (Hadoop, Spark, custom engines)
  • Intensive single-core computations
  • RAM-intensive computations (rendering, encoding)
  • I/O bound computations (database querying)


Cool computations, always

Have an application that runs slow on your computer because of a TDP-limited form factor? Maintain constant peak frequency in our environment; don’t worry for hangups or noises. But do not enter the cluster room, you would be frozen.

Keep your world of data, in-memory

With over 2 terabytes of RAM in the cluster, no dataset is a fear for our cluster. Make fast in-memory computations without having to rely on any hard drive.

Query and store data, at a blazing speed

With more than 50 terabytes of disk space usable at a speed that is 10 times higher than the one of an high-performing notebook, every database/query can be easily managed in our cluster.

As many cores as you dreams

With up to 20 cores and 40 threads available per server, multi-task computations are 10x faster than the typical notebook. And this is just considering one server!


HPC Cluster