XES Certification


XES is the IEEE standard for the specification of event logs. It is backed by XML, ensuring standardization and compatibility with many different programming languages. The goals of this format are:

  • Possibility to easily implement process mining on several tools / platforms.
  • Interoperability between the process mining vendors.
  • Possibility to extend the format by defining custom extensions.
  • Possibility to validate the event log against the general XES schema and the one of its extensions.
  • Possibility to iterate trace by trace, minimizing the memory footprint.

XES can scale from the very little (indeed, an implementation exists that is able to iterate over the traces of a big log with just 64kb of RAM) to the very big (indeed, vendors like Celonis support XES parsing over their distributed architecture).

The XES certification assures that tools are able to cope with the XES format in a correct way. We are supporting the XES certification process. When a software gets certified, it gets visibility in the site of the standard and it is assured to be interoperable within other process mining tools. Please contact us in order to get certified.


XES standard official website

XES certification website

Certifications assisted by the PADS team: