The Process Mining Handbook


The Process Mining Handbook was created in the context of the Process Mining Summer School that took place in Aachen in July 2022.

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The book published by Springer is available as open access: The 17 chapters cover the whole process mining field systematically. The book has 500 pages and can be seen as a reference for the field.

Process mining emerged as a new discipline around the turn of the century. However, a handbook was missing thus far. The combination of event data and process models poses interesting scientific problems. Initially, the focus was on discovering process models (e.g., Petri nets) from example traces. However, over time the scope of process mining broadened in several directions. Next to process discovery, topics such as conformance checking and performance analysis were added. Different perspectives were added (e.g., time, resources, roles, costs, and case types) to move beyond control-flow models. Along with directly-follows graph (DFGs) and Petri nets, a wide range of process model notations has been explored in the context of event data. Examples include declarative process models, process trees, artifact-centric and object-centric process models, UML activity models, and BPMN models. In recent years, the focus also shifted from backward-looking to forward-looking, connecting process mining to neighboring disciplines such as simulation, machine learning, and automation.

Given the amazing developments in the last two decades, a comprehensive handbook was missing. The Process Mining Handbook covers all of the above topics and also describes applications in procurement, sales, healthcare, auditing, and robotic process automation. Also, topics such as responsible process mining, data preparation, and streaming process mining are covered.

We thank the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for making it possible to publish this as open access, available to all. Hence, there is nothing stopping you. Visit and start reading.

Wil van der Aalst, Josep Carmona, editors. Process Mining Handbook. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 448, Springer 2022, ISBN 978-3-031-08847-6.