Dr. rer. nat. Mohammadreza Fani Sani defends his PhD thesis


On the 10th of August, at the Department of Computer Science of RWTH, Mohammadreza Fani Sani defended his doctoral thesis by the title " Preprocessing Event Data in Process Mining ".

  Mohammadreza Fani Sani © pads

Throughout his doctoral studies, Mohammadreza explored sampling techniques for event logs. He showed that, with strategic sampling, a smaller log can be used for process analysis techniques, boosting the performance of mining algorithms while preserving quality. Mohammadreza successfully defended his dissertation before a committee composed by Prof. Wil van der Aalst, Prof. Sandra Geisler, Prof. Sander Leemans (RWTH), and Prof. Han van der Aa (University of Mannheim). A former member of PADS, Mohammadreza is the first person to both start and complete their doctoral studies in Aachen following Prof. van der Aalst's appointment as Alexander von Humboldt professor and the establishment of the Chair of Process and Data Science. He is now working in industry, as researcher at Microsoft. We wish the best for your career!