The new 2023 ranking of computer scientists by is out


The new 2023 ranking of computer scientists by is out


In March 2023, published the new 2023 Ranking of Best Computer Scientists. Our chair, Wil van der Aalst is ranked 10th among all computer scientists worldwide and 1st among all computer scientists in Germany.

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The ranking is based on the D-index (Discipline H-index), which only considers papers and citation metrics for an examined discipline. Computer scientists from the United States dominate again in this year’s ranking report, with 583 scientists representing 58.3% of all top 1000 leading scientists. Following in the ranking are scientists from China (92 scientists or 9.2%), the United Kingdom (64 scientists or 6.4%), Germany (38 scientists or 3.8%), and Canada  (37 scientists or 3.7%). In the top 1000, four computer scientists from RWTH are listed, and 38 from all German universities. RWTH Aachen University is ranked second in Germany when it comes to computer science (after the Technical University of Munich).

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